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Pre paid legal dating

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Contracts for prepaid services can last no longer than a year, but they can be renewed automatically.

The genesis of the Court Buddy offering was James Jones’ frequent experience of finding defendants in court without representation, largely due to their inability to pay.If the 10-day cancellation period has ended yet you still wish to cancel the contract, you may be able to do so.If you did not receive a copy of the contract, you have one year from the date you entered into the agreement to cancel it.It lead to the development of the ‘matchmaking’ software to customize the client requirements to the selected lawyer.The company’s so-called “instant matching technology”, consists of proprietary algorithms that match consumers with attorneys, specifically for à-la-carte legal services, at flat rates for court-related matters. citizens require the services of an attorney each year, according to the American Bar Association, and a growing number of them are turning to prepaid legal insurance plans to cover the rising costs of attorney assistance.

has become a major provider of the fastest growing benefit in America—prepaid legal service plans. The cost of the plan is $18.75 per month; and it will be paid by payroll deduction as follows: (Pay Frequency - Amount)Once you are enrolled and the first month’s premium is received, you will receive a membership kit which includes detailed information about the program as well as a card that identifies you as a member of U. Coverage will begin on the first of the month after your paid enrollment.

We monitor and value that.”The ability to have affordable legal services focused on meeting specific clients’ needs is the core of the prepaid legal market’s requirements.

The difference has involved, as with Court Buddy and others, technology to interface so as to create seamless provision of services.

Membership starts at around $20 per month for lawyers who will provide advice on anything from tax or insolvency issues to estate and driving offences.

They’re not the only prepaid ‘disrupters’ in the market, Court Buddy is another player, started by Florida attorney James Jones and business-savvy Kristina Jones who worked creating award-winning advertising campaigns for companies like Disney, Walmart and Sea World.

If you bought a service such as one of those mentioned, you can cancel by giving the operator of the business you dealt with a written notice of cancellation.