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Pretty girls dating ugly men

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Girls may have heard their mother’s advice that: “Choose a man who loves you more than you love him.” During adolescence it sounds terrible, but maybe over the years can begin to make sense.Beauty is a quality that is lost over time, so it is good choice to be with a person who at the end of the road keeps you happy.

Check out some of the reasons why women prefer unattractive guys.But an ugly is almost more aware to be lucky to be with a beautiful woman and will do anything to keep her happy.Average looking men offer lasting relationships and this is why beautiful women choose ugly guys as their partner.The answer to this question depends maybe on psychological, scientific, capricious or fortuitous points.A study published recently found some of the reasons why beautiful women choose ugly guys as their boyfriends.Handsome men manage to conquer women with a wink or a smile, while less attractive resort to self-confidence. The study mentions that by knowing that he is less handsome, a guy adopt firm attitudes which usually works for them to get the attention of a woman.

Maybe the guy is not so good in looks, but has a great sense of humor and displays high confidence levels then this can definitely attract a beautiful woman. The female tends to leave the physical feature privileging other virtues of men. Many times a man cannot be very handsome but has the gift of speech which at times can be the key to success. Less attractive guys are likely to develop other areas to make up for the lack of beauty.

A study reveals that women who marry not so good looking men have longer lasting marriages than who choose handsome men.

It’s a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology says that when an unattractive man has a pretty wife, he twice strives to treat her well and please her.

Less attractive men will always appreciate more and be the guy you want.

All women like to feel adored and less handsome boys tend to be more willing to enter that game and constantly declare their love in different ways.

There are various factors a woman looks in their possible partner like whether he is smart, confident, keeps her smiling, can he be trusted, can he supportive and the list goes on.