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With Pay Pal and We Pay controlling most of the online payment market, having a scarlet letter banning sex workers past or present from using them can mean that any other sort of small business idea is made impossible for us.I may want to stop doing sex work and write instead, but if I can’t process online payments because of having an adult history, and companies won’t hire me because they can Google my sex work history, I’m stuck in the business whether I like it or not.

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Earlier this month, the alternative/queer porn star Andre Shakti found herself in similarly hot water for raising funds to travel to the same event I am using Fundly.What I find instead were porn site owners saying their chargeback percentages were low enough to not warrant calling them high risk, and arguments about what constituted pornography (considered a “risky” investment) versus adult content (not necessarily deemed “risky”).I also discovered other types of business often considered at risk for chargebacks (travel, computer services, sorcery! But these businesses aren’t targeted the way adult performers are.And, of course, more and more people are trying their hand at something in the adult entertainment arena to help them get by — perhaps camming here, maybe filming a porn there, possibly stripping or selling their dirty socks.Yet we live in a culture that stigmatizes us permanently for dipping a toe into sex work while simultaneously insisting sex workers should leave the industry and do other work.(I wonder how many Tumblrs asking for donations get shut accounts shut down for that reason? Pay Pal and We Pay are not required to give answers as to why they freeze or shut down accounts, but often all that’s required is the history (or even the suspicion) of sex work.

Why do these payment processors have such a strict policy on adult performers, so strict that having worked in the industry once means you could find yourself banned for life?

As the organizer of an event with burlesque, I had my account frozen for a week, losing vital time to purchase supplies, and I had to submit via email all sorts of information to “prove” I was legit (meaning, of course, not a sex worker).

Of course, emailing this private information relating to my account and my identity made the possibility of having my details stolen increase drastically …

I was packing my bags, looking forward to a week trip to the Feminist Porn Awards and the Feminist Porn Conference, having finally earned enough through my Patreon patron-funded writing to travel and have a bit of a cushion when I got back.

Payments would be processed at the beginning of the month, and I welcomed the assurance of my first paycheck that would pay my rent. That’s when I got an email from Patreon, saying that the payment processor Pay Pal had threatened to shut down all integration with their site because it contained “adult content.” The email stated: “[A]s you can imagine, this would be detrimental to creators — hundreds of thousands of dollars were to be ‘frozen’ unless we flagged all adult content pages, made them private, and removed Paypal functionality from their individual pages…

SWAAY, a sex worker community project, accepts Pay Pal.