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Queensland dating laws

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You are required to have a signed Introduction Agency Agreement with a client before any service is provided to them.You will need to include: There is also a 3 business day cooling-off period.

It’s important that consumers know their rights and where to go for help.New festivals and events pop up every year with great interest, but what happens when an event is cancelled or dramatically changes?Under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL), consumers have rights if a business fails to deliver what they promised.This means that your client can cancel during this period and you must refund all the money paid, less a cancellation fee.You must refund this within 7 days of receiving their notice of cancellation.We have a team of great lawyers with online business experience.

Please call our office on 1300 544 755 and our Client Care team will happily provide you with an obligation-free consultation and a fixed-fee quote.

This must be given to the client before they sign the Introduction Agency Agreement.

The disclosure statement is to give the client a clear idea of the introduction service and how it works.

Introduction agents introduce people to others who are interested in having a personal relationship or attending a social gathering.

Under the (Qld), an introduction agent must be licensed.

CAANZ agreed there is a need for regulatory guidance on the extent to which the ACL covers the activities of the sector and agreed to develop guidance as a priority project for 2017.