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Restore ipod touch without updating

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The Coolmuster i OS Rescuer is a past master in the art of recovery.This software is able to directly recover data from the devices itself without i Tunes backup.

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It is in these circumstances do the revolutionary software Coolmuster products appear.When you restore an i Pod touch to factory settings, you're returning the touch to the original state that it came from the factory in.This means deleting all your data and settings from it.And no matter how many files you intend to transfer and how large, it can do it in batches and hence does it faster and easily.Backing up files from i Phone to the computer is super easy: Recover Lost Files after i Phone Restoration without Update Now it may so happen that data was lost after restoration.Rei Boot will start restoring i Phone by using the firmware that you imported. There are several ways to backup i Phone, such as i Tunes or i Cloud. Disconnect i Phone from computer after the backup process completes. Open i Phone Settings, go to General, and then click Reset. After your i Phone has been reset, you will see “Slide to set up” message appears on i Phone, please do not start the process.

After system recovery is done, your i Phone has been restored without upgrade. Tap “Erase All Content and Settings” in the popup options and confirm. Instead, plug it to your computer and open i Tunes. When i Tunes detects your i Phone, you may receive a message saying “An update to the carrier settings on your i Phone is available”, click “Update Settings”. After this, you will be prompted to restore your i OS device.

You may want to restore to factory settings when you're selling your touch, sending it in for repair and don't want any personal data on it to be seen by strangers, or its data is so messed up that it needs to be deleted and replaced.

Follow these steps to restore your i Pod touch to factory settings: The other way to restore an i Pod touch is from a backup of its data and settings that you've made.

Be it contacts, media files, bookmarks and many more, with this software everything is possible.

And the best part is that it is fully compatible with all generations of i OS devices, which does include the latest ones.

Need to restore i Phone but do not want to update to a newer version of i OS like i OS 11 or i OS 10?