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Resume updating tips

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Jesse Wright, Vice President of Recruiting and Delivery at Adecco Engineering and Technology, has been recruiting since 1998 and has since worked for two large staffing firms with various roles through recruiting, sales and management.

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Leveraging her 30-plus years as a corporate executive and hiring manager, she has been featured in Forbes, The Fiscal Times and on NPR, and is the author of “Cut the Crap, Network for Success!A longtime part of the business world, graphs and charts are not just for Power Point decks anymore.Job hunters are increasingly using these tools to add life to their resumes, making them more persuasive, striking and engaging.If the current trends in resumes are any indication, keyword inclusion will become ever more important, thanks to systems recruiters now use to eliminate unqualified applicants.Technology will also play a larger role in crafting creative resumes, making the information presented more intellectually and visually stimulating.This is an area where accomplishments can be accentuated in terms of tangible results.

Although some interview tips have gone the way of the dinosaur, others have stood the test of time as they are fundamental to crafting a resume that makes a good impression – whether it was in 1975, today or in 2035.

“There’s no need to announce your age to the world.

Unless you are a recent graduate and need to demonstrate you’re seeking an entry-level job, leave the year off of your resume,” said Stephanie Kinkaid, Assistant Director of the Wackerle Career and Leadership Program at Monmouth College.

In the past, resumes were focused on what the applicant wanted in a job, rather than what an organization needed from a potential employee.

They were also much more text heavy and filled with long descriptions of experience. Potential employees now realize that they are selling their skills and abilities to an employer, not the other way around.

In fact, hiring managers may assume job applicants are out of touch and unprofessional if they do some of the following on a resume.