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Sara bareilles dating felix

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You couldn’t have bought a Gucci bag in Eureka even if you were aware that such a thing existed.Luckily I joined an a cappella singing group in my second year, and that got me access to the “theatre set”, where it was OK to be kooky.’ Though Sara had been writing ‘bits and pieces’ of songs all this time it wasn’t until 2000, when she went to Bologna in the third year of her university course as part of a study-abroad programme, that the idea of doing music as a vocation crystallised.

They remain her solid supporters and she’s been touring the US with them this summer.It’s still her main instrument, and fellow pianists Elton John and Billy Joel are among her favourite musicians. I guess it was just a form of escape.’‘It was tough at first, because there were all these fashion cliques that I just didn’t understand.Everyone had a Kate Spade bag, and I’d never even heard of Kate Spade!It’s a blast of defiance against her record company and its desire to mould her into a more Kelly Clarkson-esque pop-princess clone.‘I’m not gonna write you a love song, ’cause you asked for it, ’cause you need one’ runs the exuberant chorus.‘It was written after they’d heard some of my songs and had made it clear that they weren’t happy with their direction,’ laughs Sara.‘On those rare occasions where I’m at an event with megastars such as Stevie Wonder, I wonder what I’m doing there. I like to do a show then go back to my little world.

'I haven’t had to deal with fame on any real level, and I hope I never have to. It’s like the monster under the bed,’ she shudders.

‘Then they sort of forced me into a low-cut, clingy dress for a TV show and I was just furious. But I had to make them see that I’m not just some throwaway starlet.

I’m nearly 30 years old and I’ve dressed myself my whole life, yet they were making me doubt myself, you know? I look to people like Joni Mitchell and Bonnie Raitt; women who’ve carved out a singular career path for themselves.

They’re lifers, it’s all about the craft for them, and while I’m more poppy, I also feel very committed to music as a craft – not as a business.’Some of Sara’s best songs have the raw intensity of diary entries; it’s clear that, for all her mettle where her career’s concerned, self-doubt is a cornerstone of her creativity.

‘It’s one of the things I struggle with,’ she concedes.

It’s toxic.’In her childhood, music came to her rescue.