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Chris found that due to his cerebral palsy, hammering into the very hard ground at home plate was a challenge. He extended the line several feet so it still lined up perfectly between home plate and first base but he was able to hammer the peg into softer ground.

In addition to working summers with the Parks and Recreation Department for the City of London, Chris has served in the hospitality industry, been a hockey referee, works as a motivational speaker and sits on the Thames Valley Children’s Centre Board of Directors as a Client Representative and Corresponding member for the Operational Priority Committee.It spreads and I think that’s another great reason for him to be here.” Scott says, “A lot of my other staff interact with Labatt Park staff as well.It’s important that they see someone like Chris who has a disability but is just one of the guys.When he’s not working Chris is busy completing his third year at Brock University, majoring in Communications department, Chris was one of the top 25 new individuals hired to the Parks and Recreation Department in 2012.He was placed at the historic Labatt Park where he has now worked two full summers cutting grass, performing field maintenance, cleaning dressing rooms and washrooms, as well as maintaining the bike path from Queens Avenue to Oxford Street.No special accommodations have been necessary in the workplace besides Chris asking his co-workers to speak loudly and clearly as he does read lips.

Full Time Arena Operator Mike Reidy says, “He’s a very smart person.

Who is just part of the team and does everything we ask of him and he has a great personality and a great sense of humour and people really enjoy his company.

It’s important people see that.” Scott recalls, “At the beginning of the season we had a staff information day down at the London Convention Centre and I had asked a bunch of my summer temporary employees to go because I thought it would be important for them to meet the new city manager and just hear the message of what the City of London is attempting to do with regards to moving forward and what’s important for the City of London and the citizens of the City of London.

The City of London Parks and Recreation team responsible for maintaining London’s historic Labatt Park, from left to right: Scott Preece, Supervisor of Operations Parks and Recreation; Chris Cunneen, Temporary Labour Position; Mike Reidy, Full Time Arena Operations Worker.

Not present but an integral part of the team is Jason Prior, Full Time Arena Operations Worker.

Every year there are over 1,000 applications by individuals seeking to work for the summer season with the City of London.