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Of course, you can always try leaving a mess everywhere and burn everything you cook; if he loves you, it won’t matter that you aren’t super housewife material!

To begin with, when you first meet a man who appeals to you, try to ascertain what kind of person he is and what his interests are.Then she quivered as she felt his hand groping softly, yet with queer thwarted clumsiness, among her clothing. She knew that, when at last he roused and drew away from her. He drew her dress in the darkness down over her knees and stood a few moments, apparently adjusting his own clothing. Yet the hand knew, too, how to unclothe her where it wanted. She must only wait, for she did not dare to break his mysterious stillness. The keeper, squatting beside her, was also watching with an amused face the bold little bird in her hands. And he stood up, and stood away, moving to the other coop.For suddenly he was aware of the old flame shooting and leaping up in his loins, that he had hoped was quiescent for ever. But it leapt, and leapt downwards, circling in his knees. She was kneeling and holding her two hands slowly forward, blindly, so that the chicken should run in to the mother-hen again.Once you know what kind of man you are dealing with, you will be able to speak his language.

Now, it may be the case that some Japanese men will welcome a more liberated display of feminine sexuality, but you can’t bank on that being the case; in fact, excessive carnality on your part could just as easily drive him away!

I’m not suggesting that you need to hop straight into bed with a man you hardly know, but…

One thing foreigners should understand is that public displays of affection are not common in Japan, even among married couples, so if the Japanese man you are dating will only embrace or kiss you in private, it isn’t because he’s ashamed of you, but because to do so publicly is a cultural taboo.

I mean, some men are boorish and arrogant, others are sensitive and compassionate, and between the two extremes lies little of note.

They might in general be more or less conservative in a cultural sense to what you are used to, but essentially all men are quite simple creatures.

The hand stroked her face softly, softly, with infinite soothing and assurance, and at last there was the soft touch of a kiss on her cheek.