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The companys mainstay were large models for specific shipping lines and ship builders, but the company also continued making 00 waterline models for sale to the general public, and during World War II again made wood ID models for the Admiralty. Navys contractual requirements, the contract was pulled. Another model company, South Salem also produced identification models, although now where near as many as Comet did.An excellent source of information about these models is BASSETT-LOWKE WATERLINE SHIP MODELS by Derek Head, New Cavendish Books Ltd., 1996 In the late 1920's Wiking of Germany began producing metal ship models in 50 scale. Wiking quickly became the leader in the field producing models of many contemporary warships and merchant ships. In the meantime, two brothers, Joseph and Abraham had started Comet Metal Products. South Salem is notable for having produced a substantial line of Japanese merchant ships for Navy and Air Corps training purposes.

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The Takamine LTD-2017 Magome is a testament to the artful craftsmanship of this region—the very same region in which Takamine guitars are lovingly crafted to this day.Today, the hobby is bigger than ever before, with models of thousands of different ships available.Germany remains the center of 50 ship model production and collecting.While the detail on these models was far from the crisp, clean work we see in todays models, nevertheless, Framburgs remain some of the most anatomically accurate models ever made. In 1962, the last of the Slonim brothers died, and that brought Comet to an end.After the war, Framburg reverted to production of lamps, but Comet continued to produce ship models, tanks, planes, and model railroad parts. Several collectors managed to buy the moulds and began producing under the name Superior.World War II eventually put the company out of business, though it did go through a revival in the 1950's. The brothers gained a Navy contract to produce ID models when the U. After South Salem went out of business, Comet issued some of these models under generic names such as "Large transport" etc. Framburg of Chicago, Ill., obtained a government contract to produce ID models.

An excellent source of information about these models is WIKING MODELLE, by Peter Schonfeldt, Koehlers Verslagesellschaft mb H, Hamburg, Germany, 1998 The situation in Germany in the 1930's caused some of the model makers at Wiking to emigrate. In 1941 Bessarabis, whose owner is believed to have come from Romania produced models of U. ships, including some rather rare auxiliary ships such as MEDUSA, NITRO and CANOPUS for the U. however, Comet never did not reproduce any of the warships from South Salem, many of which, such as AGANO, TERUTSUKI, MIKURA, NEVADA (1943) and PENNSYLVANIA (1943) were quite unique. Framburg was a producer of decorative lamps and light fixtures.

During World War I, several companies made wood identification models for use in training naval observers, the most famous of thse being the British model making firm of Bassett-Lowke. The line included all the major navies of the world.

Bassett-Lowke continued to make wood models until the 1950's. This began a 20 year career of producing ship models in 00 scale. During the war Comet copied many models by Wiking and Tre-Mo, although the military rejected these for identification training.

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The real renaissance in the hobby, however, occurred in the mid to late 1960's with the inauguration of production by companies like Mercator, Trident, Delphin, Star, Hai, and in particular Navis/Neptun, which became, and remains, the largest producer of high quality 50 scale models, and which set a standard by which all other models tend to be judged.