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Sex chart wth machine

My nipples are fat and they get real hard when I'm sexually excited. It has nice fat lips and a real big clit; it's always wet and the stuff that drips out is very tasty.

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Perhaps you might enjoy fucking the pounds off my body; that idea really turns me on.Since I've decided to face my personal demons concerning this subject, it also became a good time to do some serious editing of the first four chapters as well.The next chapter is about a month away, so those readers who still remember this story have time to refresh their memories to make it easier to get back into the swing of things.My favorites are girl-girl tapes, but I'll also watch a lot of anal and gangbang tapes as well.Once a month there will be a special treat, usually a bondage and discipline tape, usually on the weekend.Getting back to me, my work is done in a little cubicle with a computer that produces boring things; my boss calls them products.

The people in my area accuse me of dressing badly and some mention my body odor as well.

Being very shy and not very good-looking, in fact I think I'm ugly because I still have pimples and my nose is too big, doesn't help my present situation.

Add to that my thick glasses because of very bad eyesight, and the extra 20 pounds of flab located in all the wrong places, the result of overeating due to constantly being unhappy, and you probably have a good idea of my miserable life.

My pubic hair is thick and springy and over the years has forged beachheads reaching to my navel and the cleft between my buttocks.

The razor is a foreign object when it comes to my pubic hair and the crop that flourishes in my armpits.

This sex-crazed 27 year-old lives alone, so we could get together at my place.