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My morning erection had attracted Shelagh's attention, like a bee to a flower, and she was buzzing on it happily. " I mumbled, my head a swirl of morning fog and sexual arousal. " She shook her head, and continued to suck my cock like a demon. My imagined versions of her reaction ran the gamut, from merely dropping dead due to a heart attack, to coming back with a knife and cutting off my favourite piece of anatomy. I sat back on my haunches breathing heavily, and shook the last drops on her belly. "You can join me, if you'd like," she added from down the hall, as the water started running. My hands wrapped around, unable to resist her breasts. They slid around with her movements, causing some movement down below. "Happens every time I'm naked in the shower with my gorgeous sister," I laughed. " "Yup," I replied, as she quite literally slid her luscious body past me out the door, and grabbed her towel. I've cleaned every window, cut the grass, repaired the screen door... There's nothing left to do." "Oh, I'm sure she can find something... Do," she winked, and hustled out the door, down the hall to her room. My daydreaming was interrupted by Shelagh's voice, as she stopped back in the room. I was wondering just how long things would continue this way. I didn't understand any of it," I laughed, looking down at her. I think we need to talk," she said, lifting the sheet.

Horny desi housewife getting fucked by uncle Horny desi housewife in heat inviting her uncle who sucks and fucks her nice and hard in all positions till both of them reach their respective orgasms and are satisfied. Vonnie confined her activities to my grandparent's house. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Somehow, I survived the next week, despite the best efforts of Vonnie and Shelagh.Shelagh had it all, and was giving me the use of it, but the fear factor of getting caught was keeping me from appreciating her as much as I should have. Seconds later, she wrapped herself around me, and rolled us over. "I love it when my guys cum on me, and I especially love you to do it." "If you insist," I sighed, and started to stroke into her with full length thrusts, building my pace as I went, and further adjusting my support position. The fear of getting caught might not be the only distraction that was effecting me. "Your turn, little brother," she giggled, smiling up at me. It didn't take long for me to get comfortable, and within seconds I was slamming her hard, crushing her into my mattress. Recent time with my Aunt had given rise to some confusing feelings in me, and equally confusing signals from her. The bed squeaked in protest at this unfamiliar activity.

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She did come and join Vonnie and I for a day-long romp again, but seemed to take more pleasure in ambushing me at home. You're really learning a lot from Vonnie." With that, she was gone, closing the door behind her. *** Shelagh made a very nice breakfast of bacon and eggs, and we were both eating it when Mom arrived home. The silence was killing me, so I finally had to start talking about something. " Siobhan caressed my face with her soft, feminine hand, and looked into my eyes. I was hoping that by setting that expectation up front, we could stay that way, and keep emotions out of it, but things haven't exactly gone as planned." "What are you saying? I suppose being the only boy accounts for part of that. I've always loved you, but now I'm IN love with you. If it weren't for our family, everything might have a chance to work out, but they do exist. The verdicts in both trials would be unanimous, and guilty, and that's leaving Shelagh completely out of it.

We repeated our downstairs powder room session a few times, and she was constantly teasing me, trying to induce an erection. My sister was a dynamite partner, and her ability to deep-throat my cock was beyond heavenly. We gave her nothing to be suspicious about, just two siblings eating breakfast together. With the meal complete, I loaded the dishwasher with the dirty dishes, gave Mom a kiss, and headed out the door towards my grand-parents' house. " I wondered aloud, trying unsuccessfully to crane my neck around. Just eight distinct fingernail scrapes," she giggled. She jumped me in my room, while Mom was out at the dentist. "You already knew Shelagh and I had sex this morning, didn't you? "Yes," she nodded, reaching back to retrieve her phone. "Danny, you are so much more to me than just a toy," she whispered. I was there when I said it," she snapped, then realized it had come out harshly, and softened her tone. Now, we've added sex to that, and even though I didn't want it to, it's become a complication. That's the problem." "I don't think it's a problem," I smiled.

My lips went to work, kissing whatever I made contact with, while searching for a nipple to latch onto. This should in no way be construed as a critical comment about my sister. Shelagh was a very beautiful woman, a fabulous fuck, and the world's best cocksucker. Who knew she had a vocabulary that included such directives? Desperation to get myself off, and shoot my load all over her tits... "Nice try, honey, but you do realize I was expecting you, don't you?