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I miss both my nieces terribly and it scares me to death to think that they may be running with this horrible crowd.

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So like it says in the law they are inocent until proven guilty. If you ask anyone who attends that school they will tell you she was just after attention well she got it alright i guess in the wrong way.Enough is enough these boys have there whole lives to live and do something with them i dont think having sex with this girl should ruin there lives.And they have only charged 3 men / boys with the rape and the police dept has statement in which she stated to many student later that it was consentual. I thought that in this country we were innocent until proven guilty.Three TEEN ATHLETES accused of raping, EIGHT men and teens involved, total. This is about rape, and it is rape in our hometown, by our boys, on our girls. I think that these parents need to WAKE UP and not let their children go to these parties and drink and do drugs. I attend Gravette High, and am friends with one of the accused.A fourteen year old child was enticed, fed alcohol, molested and raped. I have a daughter that attends school at Gravette, and she tells me about the "public affection" that goes on in the halls, etc. What the public does not know is who actually did what and now three young men have their lives thrown away.I know of 2 boys that were at the part and one of which she climbed on top of naked and tried to suduce him in which he did not intake in sexual activites with her.

But that does not excuss the fact that she was under the influence.

I'm not a student at Gravette, I don't know anybody there, I seriously, don't think I even know where it's located, must be a tiny little town... It really doesn't matter if this girl had consented or not, there is no law against a 14 year old, girl or boy, consenting to sexual acts, thats the parenting problem.

But it is against for somebody of a legal age to par-take in the act.

" We have always responded, "It's not a show, it's our lives!

" Our desire in opening our home to the world is to share Bible principles that are the answers for life’s problems,' wrote Jim Bob and Michelle. They first met in May 2015 through his friend (and now brother-in-law) Ben Seewald.

I am sure she had been to parties before (just a speculation) Her parents are responsible for her actions, her parents were responsible for her the night of the party, I hate to make a judgment call on this childs parents but it's pretty obvious they don't keep a good eye on there daughter.