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Sex dating in arp texas

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For more information on how you can be a sponsor, purchase a t-shirt, or show support and join Jaired and the East Texas Crisis Center in saying, “No More” to domestic violence and sexual assault, visit org or call (903)509-2526.

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Jaired Maddox, an 18 year old student athlete at All Saints High School in Tyler, is challenging local area coaches and athletes to step up and say, “No More” to domestic violence and sexual assault.Jaired wants to use his voice to be an ally, “being a male and speaking out about ending domestic violence brings much more light on the subject.By speaking out, I give the victims – especially women- a strong secondary voice.“Older women are often better at laughing at what life gives them,” Arp Weitzman says.Soon after serving on the Colleyville City Council and two terms as Mayor of Colleyville in the late 1990s/early 2000s, Arp Weitzman divorced.The book is a satirical look at dating after 40, the search for Prince Charming, and the process of keeping him.

Local author Donna Arp Weitzman said, after living through it herself, she was compelled to write down not only her own stories but also those experiences shared by friends, from a humorous standpoint.

Domestic violence and sexual assault are two very prevalent issues in East Texas, which, to some extent, still remain topics that are swept under the rug.

Society as a whole creates a climate for our culture on what is acceptable and what is not and calls it social norms.

As as print date, Arp Weitzman is just waiting to see if a station will pick it up.

Although she was not involved in writing the actual television scripts or producing the pilot, she says she had a say in the overall theme of the possible series and has read and seen what’s been produced so far.

With the secondary voice, more males will realize this is not simply a ‘women’s issue’ that would be better off handled by women, but rather a social issue: one that impacts our society’s households, social norms, and many more important areas of our lives.” He also sees the importance of using his position to help address the issue, “athletes are held as models, especially among young men and women.