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Also implicated his partner, Trooper Robert Lishansky.

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In one case, she conducted blood tests on semen recovered from a rape victim and determined defendant was excluded as the source, according to her lab notes.A DPS investigation concluded that he had been selling cocaine smuggled out of the lab during over the course of five years. Served a three-year sentence for falsifying fingerprint evidence (evidence tampering and making false statements).Used ink fingerprints taken by police and duplicated them on a card, labelling them crime-scene prints.Of note, Anderson testified for the prosecution in the trial of Peter Kupaza.She was the only expert whose testimony connected Mr. She testified that her dog, Eagle, made a positive hit on the defendant's vehicle for biological material.Prosecutors have also accused Edmiston of lying about working with the Tulare County District Attorney's office.

Pleaded no contest in 1992 to falsifying autopsies in Dickens, Hockley and Lubbock counties.

According to the Grand Jury which investigated the death of 14 year old Danieal Kelly: "The Multi Ethnic director organized and perpetuated the fraud that led to Danieals death, and gave false testimony about it to the Grand Jury.

We believe she should be prosecuted for the same offenses as Murray, plus perjury." Kessler was given a written reprimand for handling blood evidence in case involving the death of a family friend, a police officer, in defiance of specific orders to refrain from involvement by superiors.

Her testimony in one case led to the wrongful conviction of a death-row inmate who was eventually freed.

Admitting to planting fingerprint evidence in numerous cases to secure convictions when applying for a job with the CIA.

They were selling clean drug tests to people trying to regain custody of their children.