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Information is also provided to help teens become more aware of the use and effects of date rape drugs. top These workshops are designed to give parents knowledge and skills to be a successful parent.

Causes, warning signs, and indicators of Shaken Baby Syndrome are discussed.This presentation looks at developmental reasons for these behaviors and offers practical solutions to deal with conflict. This presentation helps make adults aware of these dangers and offers tips and techniques on how to protect your home and your children. top This presentation alerts children to internet dangers and teaches them protection skills.Lower elementary children will take “a trip on the internet.” They will learn "what to pack" for this internet trip, safety signs and what to do if they take a wrong turn.It is recommended for youth of babysitting age who are inexperienced with infants. top Every year young children are killed or injured while playing with a loaded firearm.In this training, an informative video and discussion teach children to “Stop, Don’t Touch, Leave the Area, and Tell an Adult” when they come into contact with a gun.Older children are taught how to protect themselves and to seek help if they know Be Some One in an abusive situation. top This workshop discusses the definitions of physical and emotional abuse.

We explore the causes of abuse as well as prevention techniques.

Examples include videos, handouts and the "use of" interactive dolls. top This presentation explores the dangers, causes, and indicators of Shaken Baby Syndrome.

We discuss some of the techniques to calm a crying infant, and how to better manage anger.

No Cost Our workshops can be tailored to meet the needs of your audience, being respectful of individual situations, while sharing this life-saving information.

All programs are taught at your site, with little or no support needed.

Participants will receive guidelines for positive, proactive discipline, including alternatives to spanking, slapping and hitting. top This workshop defines neglect, explains the effects of failing to meet children’s needs, and gives reasons neglect occurs.