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Sex dating in watrous new mexico

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Note that these are examples and may not be appropriate in your situation.

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If you believe you have been a victim of sexual violence that include sexual assault, sexual harassment, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking contact CNM Security immediately to place a report.Emergency Dispatch can be reached at (505) 224-3001 or 911 on any CNM phone and non-emergency dispatch can be reached at (505) 224-3002.You should follow up with a call to the Dean of Students at (505) 224-4342 and schedule an appointment with the Director of Student Conduct and Responsibilities. Apr, 2012 by David River in Training The New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence in partnership with the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office and All Families Matter is sponsoring a day of workshops in four locations throughout New Mexico.These workshops are appropriate for advocates in domestic abuse programs, law enforcement, court staff, prosecutors, educators, health professionals, mental health professionals, social workers, and workers in a range of human service fields.Student incidents will be adjudicated through the Student Code of Conduct process and would be separate or coincide with police department investigations.

If a hearing is held to adjudicate the case, the victim does have a right to have an advisor present during the hearing (policies and procedures related to this process would be enforced).

Do your best to preserve any evidence related to the incident so that campus authorities have as much information as possible.

Evidence may range from bruises and torn clothing to text messages, emails and screen captures of social media site such as Facebook and Twitter.

There is an evaluation at the end of the workshop which helps to gauge the increase in knowledge of the issue and indication if the participants will use this knowledge and/or activities within their scope of work.

There is also opportunity for any participants interested in having trainings within their communities make a request for our staff to conduct such trainings on TDV. Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking and Its Relationship to Teen Dating Violence Trafficking is a crime of exploitation. It is estimated that at least 100,000 American juveniles are victimized through prostitution in America each year.

There are visual aids (Power Point and several video clips) surrounding the issues stated above.