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Castruita said he wants to see the Youth Without Violence collaborative expand its services to other campuses but that will depend on additional funding sources and how the project fares in the next three years.The grant asked applicants how to address violence in youth, Castruita said.

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Just like every other part of growing up, some children mature sooner or later than others.There's no doubt that children these days are exposed to sexual images at a far younger age.And in more places than ever before, including music videos, websites and social media.If a student is believed to be experiencing or be at risk of violence, they can be referred to school counselors, who will notify the appropriate organization within the collaborative.The Child Guidance Center will be responsible for training 200 teachers and staff, as well as 80 parents and volunteers, on trauma-informed care, or recognizing the effects of trauma in students.The Center Against Sexual and Family Violence received a $750,000 grant from the U.

S Department of Justice's Office on Violence Against Women to provide information and services on family and sexual violence to students ages 6 through 18, according to officials.

A spokesperson for the Department of Justice said the grant supports organizations and programs that "promote boys' and men's roles in combating violence against women and girls."Castruita said he hopes the collaborative can help empower students to talk about difficult topics and help teachers connect students to resources."It's about creating an awareness within students in themselves, how to manage and regulate their own thoughts and feelings and be able to access resources when you have concerns," Castruita said.

As children get older, the way they express their sexual feelings changes.

If you're worried about anything you should speak to a health professional about it.

Learning about sex and sexual behaviour is a normal part of a child's development.

The way you respond is important If you're too disapproving or imply that sex shouldn't be spoken about then your child may be less likely to come to you with any questions or worries they might have. The way you react can affect how comfortable your child will feel about talking to you about these things in the future.