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This is thanks to some really solid combat and customization mechanics that are about as close to a Dragon Force sequel as we’ll ever get. Well, gameplay is divided into rounds in which players alternate with the enemy.

Each turn allows players to either attack other nations they’re at war with, or undertake missions.The Japanese gaming landscape has seen so many slice of life/comedy titles over the last several years, that having a game like this, even with its wacky premise, take itself seriously could have been fun in a different way than the kind ultimately delivered.Fortunately, once those initial hours have come and gone, and players get more autonomy, the game’s potential begins to shine through.It knows how to let loose and be unapologetically silly, from its sheer premise to the scenarios and situations in which characters find themselves.At the same time, the potential for this to be an epic game of countries trading victories and defeats back and forth amidst a mature storyline could have been great., Ooyari Ashito designed moe versions of Billy the Kid, Oda Nobunaga, Napoleon, King Arthur, Vlad the Impaler, Aristotle and Leonardo da Vinci and more serve as a potential harem of heroines as you lead the armies of Zipang (Japan) towards world conquest.

We’re at a point in gaming where developers are regularly looking to the past to draw inspiration for their future titles.

In this regard, Eiyuu never holds players’ hands, and excepts them to adapt on the fly to whatever the title throws their way.

Thus, as once can probably figure out, combat plays a large role in the non-visual novel parts of the game.

Because enemies are quick to counterattack in smart ways from the early-goings, Eiyuu Senki is a strategic game right from off the rip.

RPG aficionados of this sub-genre will adore this approach — and rightfully so: it demands careful planning and tactical awareness from the get-go.

Many times, this is done to elicit a sense of nostalgia and not much more; others, however, know how to evoke that strong feeling we call nostalgia while also managing to iterate on the formula they’re using as a template in intelligent ways.