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Overall, there were over twice as many more women than men who had given but not received oral (26% vs.10%), and half as many women than men who had received but not given oral (11% vs. The Pleasure of Oral Sex Those who had done oral during their last sexual encounter were asked how pleasurable this experience was on a scale of from 1 (“not at all pleasurable”) to 4 (“very pleasurable”).

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A new study led by Jessica Wood at the University of Guelph and her colleagues finally gives us some actual data – at least as far as Canadian undergrads are concerned.Across both sexes and both types of oral, the amount of pleasure experienced was always rated above the mid-point of the scale on average, and, receiving head in particular was approaching the far end of the pleasure scale.As is obvious from the graph, the two types of oral sex are not created equal.Wade said that hookup culture should have to compete with other sexual cultures on campus and create new spaces for people to be sexual.“I think that the most important thing about the lecture was that it empowered students to be able to take back the sexual culture on campus and that she made students feel like they are not alone and that this is not the only option,” Gerdes said.In other words, oral sex was no more or less likely to happen in hookups versus more committed types of sexual encounters.

Unfortunately, as you might expect, women were somewhat more likely to have given oral than were men (59% v.

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The first rule of hooking up in today’s sex culture is that there are no feelings allowed, sometimes not even kindness, according to author and sociology professor at Occidental College, Lisa Wade. She discussed how these students felt about hookups and casual sex.

Perhaps not surprising, both sexes enjoyed but many women do not, there was no significant sex difference in this regard: About 70% of both sexes reported getting head was “very pleasurable;” and additional 25% said it was “somewhat pleasurable.

Only 3% of men and 5% of women said it was “not very pleasurable” or “not at all pleasurable”.

Wade’s book, “American Hookup: The New Culture of Sex on Campus” can be found on Amazon’s online bookstore, Barnes & Noble and Google Play.