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Below is a listing of commonly used chat slang and typo's and their proper English meaning.When chatting or typing anything on the Internet, unless you're talking to another user who uses chat slang we highly suggest you type out the full words and always try to use proper capitalization and punctuation.

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The friend also reportedly alleged that when the star was in the final weeks of his battle with cancer, Niemi would often neglect him while his main caregiver his brother Don was away, and that Swayze would be left languishing in dirty clothes.r u smart bcoz i need some1 smart If you are looking for chat shorthand words, such as "cya", "lol", "ty", etc.see the shorthand dictionary definition for a listing of these terms and each of their meanings.If you want your date to fancy the pants off you (and you know who they are, and you’ve got a few days to prepare yourself!) take a pink candle and inscribe their name on it.In some cases, the owner of a domain name (the "registrant") may choose not to have their address and contact information displayed.

Here is a sexy indian ex girlfriend taking selfie pics with her cell phone. Looks like a pretty hot body, thick, but still nice!

Một độc giả 9Xinh điếng người sau khi xem những bức ảnh của cô bé đã vội vàng phản ánh về trung tâm.

Theo thông tin ghi trên blog của cô bé này thì cô ta là nữ sinh trường Thcs(...), Thanh Trì, Hà Nội. Tuy nhiên thông tin này rất khó tin bởi trên áo đồng phục của một cô trong đám là phù hiệu của một trường thcs khác ở Sài Gòn(?

ET is exclusively premiering her brand new commercial for her latest fragrance, Private Show – and the sultry 60-second spot features a lengthy first listen of her new tune of the same name (in the player above).

At about the 32-second mark of the spot, you can hear Britney start to croon the words to her tune as she shows off her impressive dance move in a skimpy black two-piece – complete with fishnet stockings and black stilettos.

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