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My birthday is on Sunday, so according to the laws of the universe that means the entire weekend is focused exclusively on ME! Then, perhaps I can talk my husband into visiting a couple antique stores I love!

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Two, with Rozella I began attending church on a regular basis (my family wasn’t overly religious) and when I was ten I gave my life to Christ.Still, by the time I graduated with my Associates Degree in 1984 I too was ready for a fresh start. My initial RN exam was taken in Albuquerque (I passed!) and my first job as an RN was on a surgical/pediatric floor. In reality my plans for this weekend aren’t all that wildly exciting.On Sunday I am sure my husband will spoil me with a nice dinner out, and with luck the weather will be nice so we can take the boat onto the lake.So much so that after another six months I was more than ready to move on to a bigger hospital where I could improve my skills.

Given a choice of going it alone to Albuquerque or another bigger city in that part of the world, or returning to California where I had lots and lots of friends and connections, I chose the latter.

I did try to be a tennis player one year, and had a few shining moments, but sports was never my forte. By the time I entered my senior year my step-father was battling his third year of cancer.

The truth is that I wanted to “go away to college”, my initial dream to attend university in San Francisco.

I asked my mom and dad if I could move in with Rozella for a while to help her out.

They said yes, and for roughly six months I served as companion and nurse.

So, I opted to attend the community college in Bakersfield.