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6/12/2006 • Vietnam In 1999, the New York University Department of Journalism solicited nominations for the Top 100 Works of Journalism in the United States in the 20th century. This entry was nominated by New York University journalism professor and writer Mitchell Stephens, who described his submission as a “report for CBS on atrocities committed by American soldiers on the hamlet of Cam Ne in Vietnam.” In his book A History of News, Stephens claims, “The Marines, who faced no resistance, held cigarette lighters to the thatched roofs and proceeded to ‘waste’ Cam Ne.” The film and photos of Cam Ne were widely distributed and are among the most famous images of the Vietnam War. This article investigates the incident at Cam Ne from the perspectives of both the media and the Marine Corps. After the August 1964 incident in the Gulf of Tonkin between North Vietnamese torpedo boats and U. Those attacks were conducted by carrier-based aircraft of the U. In February, the Viet Cong launched a major attack on the U. In this round the United States would launch attacks from the air base at Da Nang to ensure the participation of the South Vietnamese air force.The Vietnam War garnered four entries, including a 1965 “CBS Evening News” report by correspondent Morley Safer involving U. The possibility existed that North Vietnam might respond by launching air attacks against Da Nang.

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Unless a star is too far away, or is determined by other more precise means, its distance is taken from the Hipparcos parallax catalogue, using the second reduction after July 1, 2009, for all first magnitude stars, or where indicated in the description of the star.Marine commanders felt they could not adequately defend the air base if they were unable to patrol farther, and in July their tactical area of responsibility (TAOR) was expanded to include the region south of the Cau Do River, a few miles southwest of Da Nang.On July 12, elements of the 9th Marine Regiment moved into the area and quickly received fire from a VC force coming from the hamlet of Cam Ne 4 (numbered in order to identify it in the complex of six villages of the same name).Unless otherwise stated, stellar luminosities are total (bolometric) luminosities that include ultraviolet and infrared radiation.Star descriptions represent the state of knowledge at the time of writing, and are not updated unless brought to special attention. Undated descriptions were written prior to January 26, 2007.Stars known principally by Flamsteed number are listed in the sixth table.

The last table then arranges the stars by Greek letter name within their parent constellations, which are linked to labelled photographs that show the stars' locations.

The VC quickly withdrew in the same direction from which they had launched their attack.

Although no enemy was confirmed killed by the Marines, blood trails leading away from the airfield were found the following morning.

Johnson ordered airstrikes against North Vietnamese military bases and storage areas. Buddhists led anti-government riots in Saigon and Hue. Again the United States launched retaliatory airstrikes against North Vietnam.

The beginning of 1965 was a period of political instability for the government of South Vietnam.

Morley Safer and Cam Ne The American news media accompanied U. At the beginning of August, Safer was having coffee with some Marine officers in an attempt to get an idea of what sort of activity the Marines were engaged in.