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Then I had to give up on blaming Microsoft when I saw that Apple's own Face Time also denied the laptop webcam's existence. I had to give up on a Skype call with my brother when that app couldn't detect my Mac Book Air's i Sight camera.

No driver install is required on modern computer operating systems.At the log-in screen, you should instead hold down the Shift key as you click or tap the power icon in the bottom-right corner, then select "Restart." Choose "Troubleshoot" on the next screen, then "Advanced Options," then "Startup Settings."Click or tap the "Restart" button on that last screen, and you'll be switched to a simple menu listing Safe Mode and other diagnostic and repair options. Rob Pegoraro is a tech writer based out of Washington, D. The traditional way to invoke it has been to hold down the F8 key as you boot the PC — making sure you do so before the Windows logo appears.This diagnostic feature remains in Windows 8, but Microsoft now lets you request a safe-mode boot or other alternatives to the traditional start-up routine in a slightly more obvious way.(A humblebrag of a tech-support note explains that "Windows 8 PCs start up quickly so there's not enough time to press F8.")To access this menu, start the computer but don't sign in. And Cheaper Value Web Cams that deliver reasonably good results for those on a low-cost UVC webcam hunting budget.

Other, Not-So-Great low-quality webcams are mentioned - Not all webcams are created equal.

USB Video Class driver compliance built into modern major operating systems makes using these UVC compliant webcams Just-Plug-It-In easy. Evaluate whether you prefer an adjustable focus, want a fixed-focus lens, or cameras that support Auto-Focus.

You may also want a webcam with Built-In USB microphone which most - but not all have.

On older Mac laptops with removable batteries, you unplug the laptop take out the battery, hold in the power button for five seconds, pop in the battery, plug in the laptop, then reboot.)The importance of this part becomes clear in the long list of symptoms beyond webcam denial that Apple suggests may be fixed with an "SMC" reset.

A partial list:• The keyboard backlight appears to behave incorrectly.• Battery indicator lights, if present, appear to behave incorrectly.• The display backlight doesn't respond correctly to ambient light changes.• A portable Mac doesn't appear to respond properly when you close or open the lid.• The computer sleeps or shuts down unexpectedly.

Yet another start-up key trick — holding down the Shift key — boots a Mac into a "Safe Mode" that has OS X check the start-up disk for problems, then disables non-Apple start-up items.