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In reality, Moran’s point seems to have been about class. Yes, the ruling class is disproportionately male – but the way you attempt to fix things depends on what you think the problem is.

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Less justifiably, there was also disagreement about whether women who advocate for the criminalisation of abortion should be represented.Your boardroom needs to reflect social diversity in a myriad of ways.Only one axis of inequality is consistently ignored.Pro-capitalist feminism necessarily ignores some of the biggest challenges faced by ordinary women.We’re never going to see a Nike or H&M advert mention that women are disproportionately represented amongst the world’s poor, as doing so would mean acknowledging their own exploitation of (predominately female) sweatshop labour.In 2017, quite a lot of things are supposedly feminist.

There are the big ones, like gender pay parity and having women in positions of authority – but you can also make a pro-liberation statement by doing things like “wearing branded activewear whilst doing sports” and “eating cereal”.

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It’s little more than a branding exercise to shore up the exploitative status quo.

I download this app and have came across multiple videos of questionable aged people takeing off their clothes.

The interests of economic elites are often directly opposed to those of ordinary people, regardless of gender.