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Speed dating conversation starters

Regardless of what you usually do at the weekend, think about what you’d do if your usual commitments were taken away.

You wouldn’t pull an outfit out of your wardrobe at the last minute in case it didn’t fit or you weren’t comfortable in it.Whether it’s trips to the theatre, salsa dancing or taking a photography course, what makes you tick should excite you and your match.You should both understand that not only are shared passions complementary but differences in interests can make the early stages of a relationship equally as interesting.This can relate to many other aspects of their life, and is fascinating.Be prepared before you attend dating events Leicester wide and you will have a wonderful time.Help your match to find out more about you by telling them where you see yourself in 10 years time.

Will you have a dream job or maybe you’ll have built a family of your own?

Talking about those you love can indicate how you view other people’s strengths, weaknesses and how you interact socially.

We’re all guilty of spending too much time focused on our careers, but how you spend your spare time can reveal a lot about your energy levels and motivations.

Talking about what you just can’t live without brings your messages to life, showing that you’re interesting and confident.

You’ve shared your passions on your profile but now have your chance to really elaborate on why you love what you do.

Would you love to pack the car and head off for a weekend in the Lake District or is your ideal Saturday afternoon spent at a local football match?