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This time-honoured tradition still flourishes today as is shown by the Quilt Competitions held at local fairs and Quilt Shows held around the province.Members will discover how to create beautiful, practical items as they learn about the traditions, patterns, techniques and skills of quilting.

Develop your own style by adding personal flair to your decorating plan through window treatments and home accents.Have fun, develop your own style and learn how to take great pictures! Login to download project This project focuses on digital video equipment and videography.You’ll cover a variety of topics in the pre-production, production and post-production stages.This project is sure to bring out the interior designer in you. Login to download project Learn to take beautiful photographs no matter what your age or experience level is.This project focuses on the basics of film cameras and how to use this type of camera to capture a spectacular image. Login to download project What types of cameras are there? In this project, you’ll explore the world of cameras including: camera technology, different resolutions, how to print pictures from your computer and what makes a great camera. Login to download project In association with 4-H Saskatchewan, 4-H Ontario is happy to re-introduce a Quilting Project to Ontario!This is a great introductory project for anyone who is interested in filming. Login to download project Fibres & Fabrics is Manitoba’s sewing, knitting and quilting series.

This series will teach you all about fabrics, patterns, fasteners and making rag time quilts.

ACTIVITY GUIDE NOTE: On all of the patterns, the seam allowances should be one quarter inch instead of five eighths.

Backings for these projects will have to be cut bigger then stated.

The world of llamas is explored through this project. Discover this and much, much more with the Llama Project. Login to download project This project has three key areas of focus: housing and management, breeding and marketing and nutrition.

Among many other things you’ll learn the difference between a good and poor bird and you’ll also become familiar with poultry housing. Login to download project This project covers anything and everything you may want to know about raising and showing rabbits.

Learn about a variety of craft techniques, mediums, and basic colour and design concepts.