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The Bronx houses Manhattan and the Bronx, and Queens houses Queens.Like most fire departments of major cities in the United States, the New York City Fire Department is organized in a paramilitary fashion, and in many cases echos the structure of the police department.

The change met with a mixed reaction from the citizens, and some of the eliminated volunteers became bitter and resentful, which resulted in both political battles and street fights.that provides fire protection, technical rescue, primary response to biological, chemical, and radioactive hazards, and emergency medical services to the five boroughs of New York City.The New York City Fire Department is the largest municipal fire department in the United States and the second largest in the world after the Tokyo Fire Department.The insurance companies in the city, however, finally won the battle and had the volunteers replaced with paid professionals.The members of the paid fire department were primarily selected from the prior volunteers.All of the volunteer's apparatus, including their fire houses, were seized by the state who made use of them to form the new organization and form the basis of the current FDNY.

The MFD lasted until 1870 when the Tweed Charter ended state control in the city. While leading men into a building fire in 1894, Bresnan became trapped and suffocated when a roof collapsed.

Each firehouse consists of one to three fire companies. In one tour or shift, each company is commanded by a lieutenant or the captain and is made up of three to five firefighters, depending on the type of fire company/unit: an Engine Company is staffed by an officer and three to four firefighters; a Ladder Company is staffed by an officer and five firefighters; a Rescue Company is staffed by an officer and five firefighters; a Squad Company is staffed by an officer and five firefighters; a Marine Company is staffed by an officer and four firefighters; the Hazardous Materials (Haz-Mat) Company is staffed by an officer and six firefighters.

Each fire company is led by a captain, who commands three lieutenants and nine to twenty firefighters. The FDNY faces highly multifaceted firefighting challenges in many ways unique to New York.

The FDNY employs approximately 11,051 uniformed firefighters and 4,414 uniformed EMTs, paramedics, and Fire Inspectors.

Its regulations are compiled in title 3 of the New York City Rules. The FDNY serves more than 8 million residents within a 322 square mile area.

The first New York fire brigade entered service in 1731 equipped with two hand-drawn pumpers which had been transported from London, England.