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This way, my data is already clean by the time I want to use it.

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This code shows the behavior (copy into "test.php"). It should be of note that if you are stripping slashes to get rid of the slashes added by magic_quotes_gpc then it will also remove slashes from \.Hi, Here are recursive addslashes / stripslashes functions.given a string - it will simply add / strip slashesgiven an array - it will recursively add / strip slashes from the array and all of it subarrays.if the value is not a string or array - it will remain unmodified!(it was on by default before PHP 5.4), and you aren't inserting this data into a place (such as a database) that requires escaping.For example, if you're simply outputting data straight from an HTML form.Drag mode is one of five performance programs the 2018 Mustang will offer.

The new 10-speed transmission has quicker shifts and better low-speed response than the outgoing six-speed automatic.

Ford will reveal prices and fuel economy for the 2018 Mustang closer to when it goes on sale this fall.

After experiencing decades of decline, 16th Street between the Monon Trail and Dr. "And now when I sit in my yard or my front room I look out the window, and I see all the kids playing soccer across the street."Before it's fully redeveloped, Taft wants to avoid the negative effects of gentrification that can strip a place of its identity and paint a new one on."What would happen if we as neighbors and individuals made a decision to pre-enact ourselves?

While reflecting on gentrification nationwide, she came up with the idea of pre-enactment theater, which was fueled by the Harrison Center's collaborative background of using the arts to tell stories of urban neighborhoods.

To make sure Pre Enact Indy tells a full story, organizers knocked on the doors of homes and businesses, and they attended school and neighborhood association meetings."The response has been phenomenal," Taft said. It is being paid for by a $75,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, $50,000 from an Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority placemaking grant and another $50,000 from money raised to match, she said.

On the other hand you only need to process strings, so use the is_string function to check;3) when dealing with other (than GPC) data sources, such as databases or text files, remember to play with the magic_quotes_runtime setting as well, see, what happens and write a corresponding function, i.e.