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A number of palaces that still adorn the Riviera date from this era.The capital, Lausanne, became an important railway junction, and in 1915 the city was chosen to host the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee.

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In 1867, Henri Nestlé established a firm in Vevey to manufacture powdered milk, which revolutionised children’s diets.But Daniela Sugarman, a Swiss immigrant who’s lived in New York City for 13 years, thought there was still something missing from the saucisson scene.Determined to make kinds she couldn’t find in the States, she left a career in fashion to start Starwurst.“It was something that my husband and I always do in Switzerland as the first thing when we get off the plane—go to a corner store, eat a sausage and drink beer,” said Sugarman.Because I am not taking care of a sourdough starter currently, I made a loaf of bread using Baker's yeast, or Sourdough bread and other fermented foods have been around for centuries.The oldest leavened bread was excavated in Switzerland, dating from 3500 BCE.Today, Nestlé is the biggest food and beverage company in the world and one of the mainstays of the Vaud economy.

From the end of the 19th century, the “Vaud Riviera” between Montreux and Lausanne on the banks of Lake Geneva, has attracted millions of foreign visitors, captivated by the mildness of the climate and the beauty of the lake and mountain scenery.

At first skeptical about the substitution, Sugarman was delighted with the results: “It was amazing.”Although they haven’t been in the city for very long, Starwursts tend to make a big impression on first bite.

It picked up the “Best Brat” award at the Good Beer Seal’s “Oktoberfeast” in 2014.

’ And she said, ‘Hell yes.’”With her recipe developed, she began producing the sausages for the market through a co-packer based in Pennsylvania.

And as of the last year, you can now buy them through Heritage Foods USA and at retail stores including The Brooklyn Kitchen and the Park Slope Food Coop. Sugarman and Russell are looking to expand Starwurst to include more Swiss-loved sausages and are looking into working with other production facilities, including those in New York.

And not forgetting the most famous adopted Vaudois of all, the French dancer and choreographer Maurice Béjart, whose famous ballet company was warmly welcomed to Lausanne since 1987.