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Tara neal dating

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I wished him luck, because I balanced our bills and I wanted him to pay off his debt first before we made bigger financial decisions.

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I knew it was something I wanted to learn about but I was so scared to admit how bad off we were. After one year of knowing about 101 financial and not being students yet, I one day was at work and was thinking its time. We realized we weren't even living our lives anymore. We quickly graduated to 101 and took off from there!At that time, we had high balances on our credit cards, school loans, and had just purchased a new car.We were over $55,000 worth of debt and it was overwhelming to see that our way of paying "just a little more" each time was not making the progress we wanted to see.My only regret is not doing this sooner, but again I wouldnt have the experience and struggle to make this work. Right now is the right time, our economy is not getting better and our children and our debts only get bigger, if we dont do anything about it. Put it out there and you will achieve whatever you can dream." "The day we decided to take a leap of faith on the 101 Financial system was the day that has changed our lives forever.To this date August, 2014, we have paid off $58,000. We had just become parents, and as young parents, we wanted guidance to ensure our familys future.Around October, 2012, Henny finally attended a 101 workshop because we couldnt see our finances improve as fast as we wanted, both of us worked and we had passive income coming in, but we were just existing.

Henny decided we must be doing something wrong, we need another perspective, new insight, a different approach because what were doing, was obviously not working. What a blessing, and his first financially sound move Im thankful for.

In just 4 months of being on the system, we had paid off $20,000 in credit cards and personal loans.

2 months later, we were able to throw our son's first birthday party that we never thought we would be able to give him.

It took another five months to finally sit down and discuss our finances with Jay. During these five months we added another $80,000.00 to our debt from the solar panels and Hennys work vehicle.

Our first 99 class with Jay took a while because we didnt do our homework. Jays next appointment with us however was even better.

Like all Hawaii families, work, activities, and life kept us busy.