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Taylor swift dating boyfriend

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He rocketed to fame when it emerged he was secretly dating pop princess Taylor Swift.

Taylor and Joe have enjoyed a low-key romance since May, only being spotted together on a handful of occasions.In the released song, the lyric is "I've got a boyfriend/He's older than us/He's in the club doing I don't know what," which led some to believe the line was about Calvin Harris (DJ, who's 33) or Tom Hiddleston (British actor, 36, the last boyfriend Swift was with before getting with Alwyn; she dated Hiddleston immediately after Harris.) But in a new behind-the-scenes, making of the song video that AT&T released today, Swift sings her original lyrics for the song.She toys with the "I've got a boyfriend" line for a bit, and, during one song-writing session, seems keen on this lyric, which leads into the "You're so gorgeous" chorus: But Swift dated Hiddleston right before being seen for the first time with Alwyn in October 2016.Which begs the question: is the now-ex-boyfriend she references in the song Tom Hiddleston or Calvin Harris?Well, to figure that out, we'd have to go back to the moment Taylor and Joe first met. So just how did the two lovebirds first come into contact? While news of their relationship first broke in May, they had reportedly already known each other for a year.that Swift "felt he wanted to take the relationship to be too public, and she was not happy about it and thought it was too much publicity." If this original "Gorgeous" lyric really is inspired by Hiddleston, it may have been that the flame the two had also burned out (perhaps Hiddleston's alleged thirst for publicity extinguished it), and Swift moved on.

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are currently doing the private relationship thing: They haven’t stepped out in public together and the only way Swift has talked about her British boyfriend of almost a year is through song ("…Ready For It? But “They have quite a low-key relationship, which Taylor likes.

Taylor Swift seems to be pretty happy with her new boyfriend, Joe Alwyn.

While the pair have yet to make any official appearances together, she seems to allude to their romance, more specifically when she fell head over heels for the British actor, in her new song "Gorgeous." Not only does she talk about getting lost in his ocean-blue eyes and making fun of his British accent, but she also talks about having a boyfriend when they first met.

Whether or not we’ve recovered from the three-month fury that was Hiddleswift, the Taylor Swift Romance Express is now leaving the station.

And if you’re going to keep up, you need to know the classic phases to look out for when it comes to media coverage of a Taylor Swift relationship. All over the tabloid landscape, anonymous sources whispered of a budding relationship between Swift and a mystery man, Joe Alwyn.

They have been getting to know each other slowly without any pressure.” Further, the source noted, “They seem to be on the same page.