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psychics claim the spirit of a young student killed by a faculty member, a janitor, and the killer himself.

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Presences felt, perfume smelled, apparitions, and strange electrical phenomena. Mc Pike Homepage Built in 1900and once attended by Robert Wadlow (The Alton Giant), and home to at least three spirits who are very active. Touching, voices, noises, to full bodied apparitions.She's been heard coming down the stairs and pacing the hall in front of "her" room.This is all I know, I've been to the house many times and I've always noticed a strange feeling in the air. Alsip was once a huge brickyard for Chicago, as well as a planned cemetery.There is also a story about the pool area at the basement level.A woman drowned in the pool and it was because of a man.There are several accounts of choate being haunted but it is mostly under choate in the tunnels where all of the activity happens because the old buildings burned and all that was left was the original basements which is now the tunnels that run all under choate and some even run out of Choate.

On the second floor of the hospital there is a little boy who died in the 50's and when you go there in the night you see him.

Since not all of Alsip was used as a cemetery, the plan was debunked.

However, Alsip has Illinois' largest cemetery count.

It is also reported that if you are looking into the lower level of the house from the outside you can see a small light appear from room to room.

Reports of apparitions of people running, people standing in the windows as you drive by, also reported a man that walked in the tunnels and felt a hand on his back.

the third is on the first floor in the sterile processing dept.