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Tips for dating a fireman

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Don’t marry a firefighter if you are relying on their presence or the stability of their schedule.

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Sometimes that means after the fire but it always means that it will get done. There are bad apples just like in every other profession.Sometimes it’s about petty grumpiness within the fire house.Sometimes it’s about raising money for a new truck.Fire families, like other families, make sacrifices when it comes to schedules and last minute changes. And so, would I suggest that the reader who found our blog marry that firefighter? Well, I just asked Fire Dad if he thought our reader should marry a firefighter. There will be times when you will argue (like in any marriage). But, then again, I’m sure he’d have a few things to say about being married to a writer.

Sometimes you will argue about the job in question. (Maybe I should have him write someday.) In the end, I love being married to a firefighter. My children obviously love visiting the fire department.

They usually tend to understand that you are also at the mercy of the fire house even though you are not a firefighter. But, for the most part, they’re good, loyal people.

Don’t marry a firefighter if you don’t want other people to think that your spouse is “hot.” Firefighters, male or female, are ogled.

And during our honeymooning year, I got the baptismal by fire, literally, into the depths of fire life.

And so, I have some advice, of course, having lived this life for five years now.

) Don’t marry a firefighter if you would never “allow” your children to be firefighters.