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Totally free mobile web cams

Notable features include: Sighthound Video is prohibitively expensive for casual home users, but if you’re absolutely serious about home surveillance and can afford several high-quality webcams, then there is no better solution. Sighthound Video costs $60 for the basic license (which supports up to 2 cameras) and $250 for the pro license (which supports an unlimited number of cameras).

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Ivideon is a webcam surveillance solution that’s designed for both homes and businesses.Parents often face a dilemma about purchasing phones for their kids.No one will argue that in today’s world the need to be able to call each other can’t be underestimated.The business version is obviously more powerful with greater features, but that doesn’t mean the home version is wimpy! Simply install the Ivideon Server software on a computer with webcams.Ivideon Server runs in the background and controls all of the webcams, which you can view using Ivideon’s web interface or one of Ivideon’s mobile apps. Download: Ivideon (Windows, Mac, Linux)Zone Minder is a complete surveillance solution for Linux systems that’s able to monitor, record, and analyze home cameras of all types.Home surveillance is important even if you live in a traditionally safe neighborhood.

You never know what might go wrong, and when it does, it’s so good to have video evidence. Software can handle all of that for you, plus provide some much-needed security features like always-on recording, motion detection, intruder notifications, etc.

Clearly this is not an acceptable state of affairs.

To combat this, you should secure your security cameras. Security cameras are useful for more than just surveillance.

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You don’t need to worry about the battery draining quickly as the app’s energy efficient algorithms will prevent this from happening.