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This review is for the 64GB, no special offers version of the tablet, regardless of how Amazon shows it.Kept trying to get the right version to show but finally gave up.

MOVING FROM ONE FIRE TO ANOTHERAmazon does not make this process easy, although it's gotten better over the years. Some apps and games were downloaded as part of the automatic installation process. If you play games like Candy Crush and have a King or Facebook account, your level will be restored but your boosters won't be. A truly annoying, hours-long process due to a user interface whose designer should be sent to Purgatory.But the 10-inch model is big, too big and heavy for me to hold comfortably in my hands, too large for a messenger bag, too weighty an addition to a backpack.Caveat: I'm on the short side with correspondingly smallish hands, so if you're on the tallish side, the 10" model may not be a problem for you.VIDEO QUALITYThe 1080P Full HD, 1920 x1200 display is, without question, the major improvement over Amazon's previous low-end Fires.So, as I indicated above, if you're "moving up", you will be pleased.Not a major issue since you can use one word for the tablet and another for the Echo but one of these days, Amazon may want to permit users to select a call word. (These reviewers must be the same folk who buy designer clothes and deluxe cars.) I use my Fire tablets more than I use my smartphone.

ESTHETICSI'm baffled by the professional reviewers who complain about the colors, feel, metal vs. It's my goto device for reading books, surfing the web for fun and Twitter.

Special Note: every professional reviewer repeats endlessly that Amazon's App Store is not as good as Google's or Apple's. For the past year, it has also been possible to install Google's Play Store, without rooting, on any Fire tablet running Fire OS 5 (which means any tablet going back to the 2014 models).

Several web sites have instructions, either in text or video (I prefer the text) for downloading the components you need.

For the many podcasts I listen to, the speakers are just fine.

OSThe operating system (5.5.x) is only slightly different than what we've had since the 2014 HDX (whose OS was just updated).

If you're an HDX lover, you'll probably have very mixed feelings.