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The Prince revealed her passion for the Paralympic-style event for injured servicemen he set up three years ago when he met cycling competitors on Wednesday afternoon.'I asked him how his girlfriend was enjoying it and he said 'she loves it, she's loving the games,' which is awesome' said former US air force master sergeant Kyle Burnett, 37.Harry and Meghan's relationship has been the source of much public interest during the week that he has been in Toronto for the sporting event; coincidentally the city is also the location of filming for Meghan's popular TV show Suits, and the prince is even said to have paid a visit to the set after arriving in Canada before the start of the games.

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There, the duo finally confirmed their relationship to the world, holding hands as they made their way into the event, and then laughing and chatting happily while sitting in the stands.The brunette, who was dressed in a casual ensemble of a navy sweatshirt and jeans, appeared to be thoroughly enjoying her one on one time with the prince on Thursday.However, despite his newfound friendship Harry seemed to spare a thought for those outside of the stadium as he was pictured using his phone during the game.Harry, 33, was spotted conversing with friend Rose Hall who works for the Invictus Games Foundation, during a wheelchair rugby match at the Invictus Games in Toronto on Thursday.While Harry is known to be an enthusiastic spectator the royal appeared to be slightly distracted during the match as he and Rose enjoyed a joke.But that player wasn't the only one to receive personal congratulations from Harry, who offered hugs and enthusiastic handshakes to each person as he went down their line.

And Team Denmark's players weren't the only people to get warm one-on-one with Prince Harry.

However any concern or stress caused by the heightened security doesn't seem to have dampened Harry's spirits; other than his occasional distracted moments, the prince looked to be having a whale of a time at the wheelchair rugby finals, where he later awarded the winners - Team Denmark - with their gold medals.

It might have been a slightly bittersweet moment for Harry, after Denmark bested his home team in the hard-fought final with a score of 23-18, however any upset the royal may have felt over the result did not show on his face as he congratulated the players on their phenomenal success.

NBC Universal, the company behind the TV hit, is footing the bill for the round-the-clock protection, because Meghan is not currently entitled to official royal protection - a service only granted to members of the royal family.

Although there is not understood to be a specific threat, the combination of her growing public profile and an awareness that Harry has claimed there have been social media attacks on Markle for her biracial heritage appear to have prompted to move.

Harry certainly seemed a bit distracted at times during the wheelchair rugby games, looking down to type away on his i Phone, which was covered by a protective clear case, after holding the smartphone up to snap a few images of the scenes going on in front of him.