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This service is free of charge and thus not permitting abuse of any kind.

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Update doesn't include extension of free update period.Chat Zone lets you chat with the people around you, anonymously.In just a few clicks, you can create your own zone. Features:-No need to sign in or submit your email or number, just download and start chatting.-Map view shows created zones in real time.-Anyone can easily create a zone.-Each user in each zone is given a unique handle.This is a private server established in 1996 from the passion of a small group of pioneers lead by Leachim and is one of the first live chat services on the net, already recognized worldwide.Access to Channels (Applet Java), registrations of nicknames or channels are all through web interface.This allows you to create zones around your favorite places which focuses the interaction based on the bar, restaurant, park, office, dorm or hotel you are in! You can also see what zones other users have created and what people are saying in those zones! Remember, with anonymity comes great responsibility. We kindly ask that you review our rules and guidelines to help make Chat Zone enjoyable for everyone. Please let us know how we can improve your Chat Zone experience!

You're using an out-of-date web browser, which can cause websites to appear broken and have lots of security issues.

The server automatically assigns a prefix to a channel based on the language posted in the applet, the commands and the information are translated in your language and you will be able to view only the channels with the prefix in your language. However there is a command used in order to view all channels in all languages. An operator of the server (IRC Administrator) is one who manages the server and has access to all the channels, he can be recognized by the red square before his name and also by writing /whois (his nickname) you will see the following message: is an IRC administrator.

In most cases they are not available to resolve problems existing in channel.

The server is protected and will allow access only to the administrators.

This guarantees stability and security to the entire system.

A zone is basically a geofenced area that limits who can chat around you. -See how many people are chatting in each zone.-Save and share your favorite zones.-Flag/report chats that violate our rules or are offensive.-Chat Zone is 100% free! Also, privacy is very important to us, as well as keeping our content clean.