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Unregister camchat

itay at itgoldman's function falls into an infinite loop if the $src directory doesn't exist.Here's a fix - one should do at least a file_exists() check before the loop:function rrmdir($src) Thanks to itay for the original function, though, it was helpful.

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Everything you do in the world is tracked, from the purchases you make to surfing the internet—even taking pictures on your i Phone.Especially when writing recursive functions for deleting directories, make sure you have closedir() BEFORE rmdir().I've noticed that when using this command on a windows platform you may encounter a permissions error which may seem unwarranted.I was working on some Dataoperation, and just wanted to share an OOP method with you.It just removes any contents of a Directory but not the target Directory itself!The function del Tree is dangerous when you dont take really care.

I for example always deleted a temporary directory with it.

This is a function to delete a folder, all sub-folders, and files in one clean move.

Just tell it what directory you want deleted, in relation to the page that this function is executed.

Dont think about using this function only for testing without such a handling.

Luckily nothing is lost because I had the local copy...

The information is in public records —everyday web users and black hat hackers alike.