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Updating itouch

If you are jailbroken, you'll have suck it up and say goodbye.

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i OS 8 has been released to the public, and those who have been eager to update since Apple's WWDC announcement won't have to wait any longer.See: The i OS 8 update can be installed on the i Phone 5S, i Phone 5C, i Phone 5, i Phone 4S, i Pad Air, i Pad mini Retina, i Pad mini, i Pad 4, i Pad 3, i Pad 2, and i Pod touch 5. Tap on the available update and hit Install—all you'll need is a strong Wi-Fi connection.But, given Apple's previous history with server overloads and millions of people downloading the update at the same time, it's always more reliable to update via i Tunes.Hence, speculation based on past releases might point to a remote possibility of the latest i Pod touch generation to make an appearance only some time in 2018.It would not be surprising at all should Apple take the route of releasing the i Pod touch 7th generation alongside the highly anticipated i Phone 8, taking into consideration how nice it would be to mark the 10th anniversary of both devices' debuts this year.In fact, the i Pod touch continues to fade into oblivion, where at one point, it is pretty much the i Phone without a SIM card slot, making it a wee bit slimmer.

Having garnered six generations under its belt, when will the i Pod touch 7th generation model hit the market?

Select your device and then use the alternate click on the Check for Updates button.

For Mac users, press Option click and for Windows, press Shift click.

Connect your device and make sure to back everything up, and then select Restore.

It should restore and update to the latest OS available, but if not, simply check for updates once the phone is restored.

If you would like to let Apple know what you want to see in the next generation i Pod touch, why not leave them a message?