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Updating oblivion lod files

updating oblivion lod files-89

The latest patch for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.This patch is for North American (English) versions.

If a mod adds or changes something you don't need, like a mod adding controller functionality when you use keyboard and mouse, then you obviously don't have to install it.This guide assumes that the user has Shivering Isles and KOTN installed, anyone that doesn't can just skip over the DLC related mods though.Oblivion Reloaded isn't included, but given its popularity I'm going to mention which mods to ignore if you want to use it with this modlist.Feel free to use the mod manager of your choice while going through the guide, but I'm going to assume that the user is installing everything manually and will only mention using a mod manager when it's necessary.Before starting, it's a good idea to install the game outside of the Program Files folder so you don't have to deal with any UAC issues.Either uninstall your needs mod or use a version that is compatible with the UI you're using. @Tess Better Cities probably contains LOD meshes or interacts with the vanilla ones somehow.

Possibly, the needs mod's readme with have instructions or a utility for customising the UI placement, so start [email protected] Sided Die Better Cities Permanent Resources-16513-5-3-0 Better Cities Resources v5-3-3-16513-5-3-3 Better Cities v5-3-3-16513-5-3-3 FCOM Superpack Loading Screens Qarl TP3 Unofficial Oblivion Patch - Manual Installer-5296-3-4-4. Check their instructions for anything related to LOD, since often there are extra steps than just extracting everything.

Download "OBGE Core - Retro 3-0-0" from the Old Versions and extract only the OBGEv2to your OBSE\Plugins folder.

Run the game once to create an in your Documents\My Games\Oblivion folder which we'll configure later on.

Fixed issue where lock/unlocked states on doors would occasionally be stored incorrectly in a save game.

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Download and extract the dll file to your main Oblivion directory.