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Updating resume for nurse practitioner

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We are supportive of and encourage patients and the public to attend the well-organized community flu shot clinics occurring at local pharmacies.

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You will be taught the proper technique to use while exercising and the basics of how to design a home program.Members of the KFHT work in collaboration with your primary care provider to provide comprehensive healthcare services. 1201 Queen Street, Lower Level, Kincardine AUG 11 P. Please note: we will be experiencing an IT systems upgrade and we appreciate your patience with us as we are learning a new system.Please contact the KFHT or your primary care provider for further information or referral. This will take place from July 27th to August 12th. PRESS RELEASE The Kincardine Family Health Team is pleased to announce the development of a strategic partnership with Westover Treatment Centre for the provision of: Recovery Support (formerly referred to as, ‘Aftercare’) and A New Beginning: Women’s Program.Visit to read more about the Afterhours Service and other Family Health Team programs and services available to our patients. 1201 Queen Street, Lower Level, Kincardine AUGUST 2016 AUG 8 P. The partnership will result in the implementation of programs available at the Family Health Team specific to recovery support (recovery and co-dependency recovery support), women’s health and addiction treatment.The Kincardine Family Health Team Afterhours Service is open to everyone in our community. The Afterhours Service will be solely operated on a basis. The programs are scheduled for introduction during Summer and Fall 2016.Contact Michelle Slaman for more information and to register: by email at [email protected] phone 519-396-2700 PRESS RELEASE The Kincardine Family Health Team (KFHT) is pleased to announce the expansion of primary care services that will soon be offered to residents of the Municipality of Kincardine and Township of Huron-Kinloss, through the development and establishment of an Afterhours Service.

The Afterhours Service will be available to the community and patients of the Family Health Team. Afterhours Registration opens at pm and patients are registered in order of arrival.

The Kincardine Family Health Team is CLOSED today due to the road closures and deteriorating weather forcasted.

********************************************************* The Kincardine Community Medical Clinic is open, however individual Doctor's offices are closed.

We sincerely apologize for any frustration or inconvenience this has caused.

The telephone issues have been resolved at this time.

The Afterhours Service is not designed, nor intended, to replace appointments with your primary care provider; but rather, to augment the patient-centered experience through increased access and delivery of healthcare services.” It is conceivable that available appointment time slots for Afterhours Service may fill quickly and registration may close earlier than expected or anticipated, to accommodate patients whom registered earlier in the evening. 1201 Queen Street, Lower Level, Kincardine AUG 18 P. If you or a loved-one is prescribed fentanyl patches, you will be asked to return your used patches to your pharmacy before receiving your next refill of new patches.