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For example, to import My SQL schema, just use the unit "Aurelius. The comparison result is provided through properties Actions, Warnings and Errors and also Action Count, Warning Count and Error Count, defined as following: TSchema Action, TSchema Warning and TSchema Error classes inherit from TSchema Message class, which just has a public Text property with the information about the difference.Abstract JSON Schema (application/schema json) has several purposes, one of which is JSON instance validation.

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Rapid JSON implemented a JSON Schema validator for JSON Schema Draft v4.You can validate the existing database structure using method Validate Database.The method returns true if there are no differences in that comparison (meaning that the existing database structure has all database objects needed by the application): This method will: a) Execute SQL statements to perform a reverse engineering in the database, retrieving the existing database schema (*).b) Compare the existing schema with the target schema (all database objects - table, columns, etc. c) Provide info about the differences between the two schema (see schema validation for details).d) Generate the SQL Script needed to update the database schema (*) for Aurelius to properly import database schema, you need to register a schema importer according to the database server you are connecting to. If command execution is disabled, this method behaves exactly as the Update Database method.Most developers assume the JSON provide is not only error-free also in the proper format. Let me show you how Kris Zyp's JSON Schema can help you validate JSON on both the client and server sides.

JSON Schema is a standard (currently in draft) which provides a coherent schema by which to validate a JSON "item" against.

Most C JSON libraries do not yet support JSON Schema.

So we tried to evaluate the performance of Rapid JSON's JSON Schema validator according to json-schema-benchmark, which tests 11 Java Script libraries running on

For example, if you receive an error message with this text: and you searched in the Structure document for the text, you would find that it is for the section "Schema Component Constraint: Complex Type Definition Properties Correct".

You can set up a project's properties so that different types of project resources are automatically validated when you save them (this is set for all resources by default).

Kris also provides a server side JSON Schema validation routine within his Common JS Utils project on Git Hub.