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Vanessa marcil dating

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Not even a year after they proclaimed each other as husband and wife in July 2011 they announced that she was pregnant and expecting a baby.

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Maurice Benard (Sonny Corinthos, “GH”), Marcil’s former leading man on the soap, quickly reached out to the actress. Marcil took the time to thank friends, family and fans for their kind words and thoughts during the difficult time. On Sunday, February 28, Marcil shared a sweet photo of MC’s daughter visiting her father in the hospital. She also appeared on “Beverly Hills, 90210” as Gina Kincaid and on “NYPD Blue” as Detective Carmen Olivera.“General Hospital” alum Vanessa Marcil (ex-Brenda Barrett), her fiance MC, and their children were involved in a serious car accident on Friday, February 26.While the actress and the couple’s kids were unharmed, MC was immediately taken to the hospital for treatment. “Major accident, huge truck just rear ended our truck while our truck was parked. Mc can’t move neck or back.#ER,” she initially posted. All that matters.” Marcil continued to release updates on the situation, noting that her fiance’s father had arrived at the hospital to be with his son. He can’t talk.” “GH” writer Michele Val Jean ‏also sent a sweet message to Marcil on Twitter: “@Vanessa Marcil M Sending love and light.Due to her bad attitude in school her classmates used to hate her.She is also one of the active member of PETA as she is against animal hunt.She has one son, Vince who was born on September 2, 2007, but she never mentioned the father of her son.

She isn't married nor she has a husband which simply implies she is living a life of the single mother. In 2004, she made her significant appearance in the hit movie, Spiderman-2 which grossed over $78.3 million worldwide.

She did not give up on love and by the likes of her Instagram page, she may have already found someone after all.

She has maintained her silence about the details of her mystery boyfriend even after they got engaged.

The miscarriage must have taken a toll on the couple as Marcil filed for divorce from their marriage on August 2012 that got finalized in March 2013.

However, in the end, everything worked out for her.

Despite openly uploading pictures of and with him she has not even disclosed his name and simply mentions him by the initials MC which is his username on Twitter as well.