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On Monday's lunch, we had a keynote session from Google.The topic was on cloud computing, and how it was no longer an "if" but a question of when and how.

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With changes in credit cards and EMV/PCI compliance, identity theft, and crypto-viruses there was a lot of talk about how security your business information.If you are doing anything Multi Value, the 35th Annual International Spectrum Conference & Exhibition was the place to be for networking, solutions, and education.Multi Value professionals from North America and around the world gathered in Phoenix, AZ, from April 11th - April 14th, 2016, for a week of professional development and networking.With many businesses looking closely at whether to buy new hardware or virtualize their existing systems, these sessions took on questions of speed, storage, and design consideration.There were even checklists for when and if you should plan to virtualize into a private or public cloud.Along with talking about how to extend existing Multi Value Applications, there was a lot of information for the new Multi Value developer and administrators.

These sessions on the Fundamental of Multi Value database covered programming, dictionaries, and over-all system design. One of the more popular ones was on "Hiring and Keeping Millennial Software Developers." This session turned into a discussion that extended well past the session time.

One of his key points, which set the tone for the conference, was the idea that building next generation applications was all about layering technologies together.

Software development has evolved, not in leaps and bounds, but by building on the previous technology layers.

With that in mind, there were many topics on building integrated software, APIs, and design consideration that would take your business data from green screen applications into sharing data with GUI, Mobile, Web, Windows 10, Outlook, and other external applications.

It was clear from these sessions that new application development is about using the technologies that already exists, and enhancing it to do more.

Seeing how Google is expanding Cloud Computing and how your Multi Value Application can take advantage of it, was very informative.