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What age should we allow dating orthodox christian

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Even when a Christian has passed from this life, they remain connected to the Body and are alive in Christ.This forms our entire vision of the saints and of the dead in Christ.

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I’m just as united with my friend in Pittsburgh when I share in the Eucharist as I am with the person next to me in the Liturgy.Instead of wallowing in guilt or shame, the Orthodox Church points me to Jesus and guides me to be grateful for this moment to grow closer to Him.So today, as an Orthodox Christian, I don’t have to feel guilty for my imperfections; I can offer them to Christ and allow His power to be made perfect in my weakness (2 Cor 12:9).Or they might have wondered why I remain an Orthodox Christian in spite of this or that issue or conflict.But besides that, most people simply want to know why I’m an Orthodox Christian specifically and not Roman Catholic, Eastern Rite Catholic, or one of the varying Protestant denominations.There is one Body that is broken for us and one Blood shed for the remission of sins.

And that precious gift, a gift surpassing all physical boundaries comes to us from a very physical cup and we This connection between the physical and mystical is something we all seem to crave.

As a kid, prayer seemed either something intellectual or something emotional.

Prayer was something someone says in their thoughts or as a somehow private conversation had out loud.

We ask holy members of Christ’s Body (the saints) to pray for us, and we pray for our loved ones that they find rest in Christ.

To us, this is just as natural and clear as if they were in front of us.

My experience of Orthodox prayer is that while it can be emotional – that is it stirs me, my heart stirs and I might get teary-eyed - but it is especially physical and yet somehow otherworldly.