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Who is adam senn dating

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"Everything that's gone on between Lindsay and her dad has really taken a toll on her," the source confides, adding that "Adam is the one really positive thing going on in her life." The snitch also claims that Senn and Lohan were texting and calling each other over the holiday weekend - and are certainly acting more serious than "just friends," which Li Lo has claimed via her Twitter page.Lindsay Lohan is covering all her bases before she ships off to India - and that includes kissing several boys goodbye.

Other than being an actor and model, he is a proud owner of a restaurant.He thinks Lindsay is a fun girl." That's practically the understatement of the century, but the source insists tha Senn isn't just out for a good time."He's genuinely interested in her, and it seems pretty mutual," the snitch says.He is popular in the fashion world for his work under famous fashion management group called 'Why Not Model Management'.Born in an upper-class family in Paris, France, Adam Senn is one of the most loved white American fashion model and actor.According to, Senn was ranked #16 of "The Money Guys" for 2012.

In May 2014, Senn was cast as basketball player Zero in VH1's Hit the Floor.

The latest on the troubled starlet's to-do list is Gucci model Adam Senn, a partial owner of Chelsea eatery Il Bastardo, who's best known for his stint on "The City." According to an insider, the two first met while Li Lo was in NYC for Fashion Week. "The last time Lindsay was in town, Adam shut down the restaurant early so they could be alone.

He invited some friends to the restaurant later in the evening and everyone got pretty wild.

"I'm not surprised I wasn't welcome at Ali's dinner," he says.

"In light of what's going on between Dina and I, and being so public with the things I've said in regards to Lindsay's well-being, I can understand how Lindsay and the kids would be upset and not want me there." Indeed, Lindsay has publicly dismissed her dead-beat-dad, but an insider claims that his absence is still hard on the troubled starlet.

"Adam is pretty up-and-coming, and Lindsay likes that," says the source.