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Who is blake lively dating

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The pair didn't actually confirm their love until a 2014 interview with Fashion magazine, in which #Zoe Saldana talked about finding love with her now-husband, Marco Perego, shortly after her breakup from Cooper: "I was finally able to spend time without being in a relationship and even though, it was a short period of time, it was beautiful. It was like I found all my answers with him not in him.

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At the time, the actress was starring in the hit CW show, #Gossip Girl, and Di Caprio was involved in various movie projects.and we’re certainly on board, especially given the fact that the cast members are revealing a lot about their time on the series. She was documenting her life in photographs in a way that people were not yet doing.” If only we could see these photos, what a tale they would tell.While there’s a lot to unpack from the interview executive producer Joshua Safran, has touched upon Blake Lively’s relationship with Leonardo Di Caprio and how the pair inspired the story line. episodes, Blake was dating [Di Caprio] at the time, and she had this thing where she had a doll that she took photos of that she sent to Leo. So, given their closeness, they found a creative way to keep in touch with one another.Most couples may go for the occasional cute text messages, but Lively and Di Caprio opted for a more, well, peculiar form of communication: Pictures of dolls. She was documenting her life in photographs in a way that people were not yet doing."Well that's... Unfortunately, Safran didn't elaborate on the meaning of the doll, so we're going to be left in the dark about that subject. ) I'm totally gonna lie and tell everyone I'm turning 30 every week.During the mid-2000s, the actor started dating singer #Alanis Morissette.

Unlike the other pairings on this list, however, their relationship was quite serious. But as fate would have it, the wedding never happened because the couple decided to split in 2007.

Both seem to have that parental glow, which Reynolds also discussed in his radio interview."One of the most common things in the world is making out, having a couple of drinks, and then doing it, and then having a baby. Like 'my child is the only one that has ever exited a womb out, ever.'"Amid his laughter he continued, "Well, a lot of people have done this, so you always want to temper it with a little of self-effacement.

After all, you want to spend quality time with your partner, but also show you're laid back enough to hang out with their friends, drink beer in the pub, talk about the Premier League and play wingman to their BFF on a night out because, well, you're the 'cool girlfriend'.

The celebrities shared their breakup with fans through this joint statement: "Ryan Reynolds and Alanis Morissette have mutually decided to end their engagement.

They remain close friends and continue to have the utmost love and admiration for each other.

Blake and Ryan appeared on many red carpets together, proving that they're one of the most beautiful couples to appear in public. I just always marvel how common it is and yet how profound it is. She has me so far wrapped around her finger it's dumb.