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Who is greg plitt dating

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Bravo's fitness star Greg Plitt -- who was hit and killed by a commuter train -- did not have a will, and now his family is trying to ensure his $800,000 estate ends up in the right hands. Plitt died tragically in January while shooting a commercial for a sports drink.

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His words will move you to take action no matter what state you are in.Whenever I felt stressed or upset, going to the gym helped me.About two years in, everything in my life went horribly wrong.Greg Plitt was a legend in his field and will always be remembered.Mateusz M did an amazing job putting this highly motivational video together for the masses.I’ve seen the same change in my friends who have gone this route as well.

Training at the gym makes you want to refuel and recharge with proper food.

All of a sudden a big greasy pizza just doesn’t feel appealing anymore.

You start to crave fruit, vegetables, tofu, seafood and anything that will nourish you and help you train again the next day. What starts to happen is that you become focused on being just that little bit better each day.

his father filed a petition Wednesday to control his son's estate.

If approved -- which is extremely likely -- he'll make all decisions about paying Greg's creditors ...

“Second by second you lose the opportunity to become the person you want to be , when are you going to stop making excuses and take charge of your frickin life?