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Who is mike catherwood dating

PINSKY: She entered into this with full, I think, maybe she was in denial or something, Spirit. You know, people are -- you know, the gay man is a better form of the male, Mike. Vanessa, given Pat Robertson`s stands on homosexuality generally. But, in the forgiveness department, which kind of trumps that if we are having a hierarchy of beliefs here, I kind of understand where he is coming from.

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) CAROL: My husband and I are Christians and have been together for 11 years. Recently, I found out he cheated on me with a male Christian friend in our church. PREACHER PAT ROBERTSON, "THE 700 CLUB" HOST: You have been married for 11 years, this guy got drunk -- CAROL: But with a male friend from church, that is kind of strange. If he were this way all the time, if he is a habitual drunk, if he is a habitual homosexual -- or all the rest of it then by all means, take a hike. He says it was a mistake that it just happened while they were drunk, and he wants me to forgive him. ROBERTSON: Well, he did not know what he is dealing with. But one time, 11 years, do not throw all that away. And, I cannot believe "The 700 Club" is still a thing. If you are into organized religion, that is your thing. You are praying, "Oh, God, keep me not to hate him for what he did when he was with that stripper in that hotel room ten years ago and I will never forgive him kind of thing." Males have a tendency to wander a little bit. I want to hang out with him with strippers in a hotel room. I am not even trying to be shame towards what he do, but he is not making sense at all. I am gay, 100 percent gay, but we do - - you can choose with whom you have sex. WEED: So, I am not actually physically attracted to my wife.

PINSKY: This is another layer of this that I get my head around. BARNETT: This spitting on the sanctity of marriage.

A famous televangelist says, "That is OK." And the Twitter verse thinks otherwise. And then let me decide if I want to go forward and continue to be married.

Plus, masturbation workshop is making the rounds at college campuses across the country. (MUSIC INTRODUCTION) (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) PINSKY: Let us get started with the "Top of the Feed." Women, what would you do if your husband cheated on you with a man?

That is not an option for me and should not be for most women.

PINSKY: And, the drinking, I tell you, the drinking has nothing to do with it -- CLANTON: Right. () PINSKY: -- Except it is an excuse and, by the way, if anyone is worried about cheating, drinking really increases the probability -- CLANTON: Exactly.

So, Josh, explain -- you have heard this conversation we have been having with this panel. JOSH WEED, GAY MARRIED TO WOMAN: Well, it works well. She has to under -- The wife has to have -- first of all, the guy has to know what and who he is.